Washed out PDFCreator files

Dear all,

I searched on this forum but didn’t see this problem mentioned, so here goes:

Since a few months, all the files I scan and then convert using PDFCreator come out unsharp, kind of washed out.
I’ve tried uninstalling PDFCreator and install old versions, but the problem persists.

I use a Canon All In One and the native Windows 7 scanning software to scan documents etc into JPGs, and then use PDFCreator to convert them to PDFs. This used to give great results untill a few months ago…

The scanned files look sharp, but once they’re converted by PDFCreator they look bad, kind of showing a lot of noise.

I checked to see if it has anything to do with Adobe Reader, but the PDFs look just as bad when viewed in other software.



have you tried using the high quality profile or reducing the compression for PDFs in the options (options->formats->pdf->compression)?




The compression was indeed 'on' but setting it 'off' unfortunately did not solve the problem.

Must be something in the settings though...

It seems to be a Windows problem after all. The scan and print profiles don't seem to use the same DPI (anymore), so once I made sure both were on the same DPI the problem was solved.

Wacky MS.

Thanks for the help Robin.W