Watch Folders


I am really impressed with the features in the PDF Creator software. I came to know about this awesome open source stuff just a few days back and its doing some great work. 

I am working part time in a place where we scan lots of documents and store them as pdfs. PDF Creator worked like a gem there. I had to convert a bunch of tiff files into a single PDF which the creator did effortlessly. I have just one question. Is it possible to setup a "Watch Folder" with the PDFCreator such that when I drop my files into that folder the Creator automatically picks them up and convert them to pdfs?

I apologize if this question has been asked redundantly in this forum. I searched this forum and google but not able to find the solution. If there are any other topics within this forum please guide me to that.

Thanks for oyur help!

I too would really like a feature that allows watched folders.  I have it in my mind to setup a Filezilla ftp folder for in and out and bam, there's my PDF maker server for anyone with my ftp password to use.


Could someone reply to this, please?