Web page to display a PDF won't load

I just performed a standard installation of PDF Creator vsn 1.6.1 on my laptop running Vista.  When I surf to a web page (e.g., www.abelia.com/498pdf/498GBAR.PDF ) that is supposed to display a PDF file, the page does not appear to load.  This did not seem to be a problem with PDF Creator 1.6.0, but it may have something to do with PDF Architect.  Is there something I can do? 




you can set back your default PDF reading application, either by using the Windows control panel, or right-click on any PDF file , choose the application you would like it to be opened with and check the checkbox to make the selection permanent.
If you don´t need the PDFArchitect you can also uninstall it, it will not effect the use of PDFCreator.