Website Issue: Registered can not view Blogpost & suggestions

Hey there.

Thanks for your PDFCreator. Simple and powerful (although I had to deselect installation of two toolbars …).

One can not view and thus not comment on the newest blogpost but only read it on the blog page or RSS feed.

Having searched for a / the feed, I suggest you add the feed not only as a linked icon on the website but also add it to the pages metadata. (automated reading & notification of a vailable feeds …)

Another suggestion (why I even registered):
I don’t know about your hosting details, you only mentioned Apache httpd as your webserver;
Do you cache?
Did you think about switching to a faster webserver? Like Cherokee, or Nginx, or Lighttp?
Cherokee has file-cache built in, especially good for static file serving. You having named the high number of update.txt requests, this should definitely improve webserver performance.
You may also want to add Expires headers to static resources to enable (more used / longer) client caching.

I see the access denied issue was either fixed for the blog or (probably) the issue is only with the most recent blog post.

The one I linked above (now second recent) now works, but the newest one does no, denying access.


Why do I have to enter a captcha for each post?
Isn’t registering enough???