Wellknown users, larger companies (public/private)?


I have more or less convinced my work to use  PDFcreator as official pdfprinter :-)

Does somebody have large coorporation references (public or private) that uses PDFcreator ? Here in Denmark several Offices of Ministers are using it, but if this is not enough to convince then I might need more arguments..


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I will send you a mail with companies and governments using PDFCreator. I don't want to post it here, as companies might not like it (for which reason ever) to be named here.

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Thanks for the post. We all hope that the business line now may get pull from the brink.When should there be government intervention in times of financial crisis?  Or should there be government intervention at all during a recession?  The debate rages.  Some believe that government should do nothing, and scale back as far as possible, especially taxation, so that the market can take care of itself.  Others believe the government should launch huge works projects, or works projects that pay as little as possible, so that there's at least a fall back.  However, government butting in on every action does no good save for those doing the butting, and for every action has a consequence.  If there's too much government intervention for online cash advance– we cripple ourselves to save ourselves, and empower the wealthy over the working.

We use PDF Creator extensively here, as does one of our software vendors in their product, Nexisys by Brovada. We aren't a "large" company by most measures, haveing less than 150 users across all of our branches. Still, we use PDF Creator on all of our Terminal Services servers, and it integrates well.

I just wish, from an admin POV, that it didn't require a restart prior to installation. Even on a virtual server, I hate having to kick people over to another server to install a printer software.. it feels so 2000. :D