What happened to the old print dialog and GUI

I have just uninstalled PDF Creator then downloaded and installed the
latest version (1.6.2?) from the website as the old version would sometimes freeze my machine
when creating a PDF. When I print to “PDF Creator” printer I now get a
Save As dialog instead of the old interface. I formerly used to get an
option to Save or Print or Wait (useful for combining PDFs). Is this an
intentional change? It would seem that to convert a document to PDF and
print it I now have to do this in 2 stages whereas before I could do it
in a single operation. This seems to be a backwards step to me or am I
missing something. I have found the email option in Preferences utility
but that assumes that I always want to instantly email the PDFs I create which is not the case.

Forget that. I think I must have inadvertently installed an old version. Please close this discussion.

No problem:=)