What happens to my PDF's? ;-(

Hi Everyone
I have installed PDFCreator on a Windows Server 2003 x64 Terminal Server and having some strange results. I wonder if anyone else has seen this and or has a solution/suggestion to fix.
I installed with Install mode, now back at application mode.
As an domain admin, I can print with no problem (I have installed it as a service so no need to leave the window open). When it has finished printing I have asked it to open the default program, in my case it is Acrobat Reader X. Yep, this is no problem either and works.
When log on as a standard user, I go to print, the job finishes fine, (although there is no notification that anything has happened, but the file has been created at the auto save location) the application then opens up on the terminal server under my RDP session as Admin, any option I select such as launch to acrobat or display VB to show the job has been completed, it only actions these on my admin session and not on the user session, am I missing something here? I'm even getting the VB message under my RDP when a user prints...?!
Ideally I would like the app to launch on the users profile so a) they know it has been printed and b) they can save the document in their own home drive/document management store.
I am running version 1.2.3
Any thought's or comments would be gratefully received. Is everyone elses PDF printer working like this or are your users saving the file once is has been printed?

Anyone have any suggestions or routes I need to look at? this sounds like registry keys that need to be under HKCU but there are none here for PDF creator.