When queue offline, wrong output folder on resume

I have installed PDFforge 1.2.0 on my W2k3 file server. Have two profiles, two shared PDF-printers, which autosave to two different folders on the server.

When the PDFprinters are offline (F2), jobs are held in queue. But when I put the printers back online, ALL documents in queue are printed to the destination folder of the first job in queue, not their own.

Please advise,

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I have tested it on an other domain with the same results.

Could someone please acknowledge this issue?

Did you use the standard installation or the server installation?

 Frank, thank you for your reply.

I've made a youtube video to explain my error in detail:


Please advise!


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Hi Roel,

thanks for your effort. I was able to reproduce it and .... I was able to fix it. :-)

If it is very important for you than you can get the latest PDFCreator.exe by email. But we will release the version 1.2.1 in the next week or so.

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 That is great news, Frank. Glad I could help identify this problem.