When saving a doc, is a real PDF?

Good morning,

I need your help in order to get a "real" pdf,  I mean, when auto-saving a doc via pdf creator, I open it and mark any part (text) from the doc, copy and go to a txt file and paste it.... I am getting characters different than the copied one....

While if I get any other pdf doc. (from other programs) when I do the same, I am getting the correct text/words.

Perhaps I am wrong and I am using a wrong setup. Could anyone point me to get it ?

THKS & B. regards




are you using the latest version of PDFCreator (1.4.0)?

Good afternoon Robin,


Yes, this is the first think i did, just in case.

  Robin, have we any way of sending you the doc. printer via Pdfcreator, so you can see what I am traying to explain ?





yes you can mail it to us at support@pdfforge.org.

You can also try using an older version of ghostscript (9.04 instead of 9.05), but it may not help.