Where is the temp file location setting

I install PDFCreator (among other things) as admin in W7x64 setup mode and then re-seal the image for distribution to any of our computers.

One user was getting an error, related to an inaccessible file in the Administrator profile and I noticed that all the documents in the PDFCreator print monitor window were being stored in “c:\users\administrator\appdata\local\temp\…”.

I couldn’t find a setting for the temp file location, so I uninstalled and then reinstalled PDFCreator as this user selecting to remove settings along the way. The user could now print to PDFCreator, but the temp files were still being created (or identified as such) in the administrator profile.

I searched the registry, but couldn’t find anything pointing to that location. Where is that setting, and how can I make it work for multiple users?




please try with version 1.3.0, which now automatically sets the temp path to the user path.