Where store PDFCreator the temporary files?

I've moved the homes directory from C: to D: (to a RAID device) by moving the directories and changing the registry manually. All the programs seems to be working, but the PDFCreator fails. It tries to use still the C drive's Temp folder. How can be told which dir should be used for this purpose? Or where these settings came from?



The PrinterTemppath key in the Registry.

Yes, I've found it, but where comes the value of cames from? Because cd %Temp% brings me to the right place.

In fact it seems there's not any connection between token and any environmental variable, not even registry profile directory.

Still keep on investigation.

After several experiment, PDFCreator keeps on macro as C:, donno why. If in the registry I change is to , nothing happes when I try to print.

So the basic question: how is macro determined?

After exhaustive experimentation we have found that the PDFCreator defaults should not change.  Rather, add\\change the following registry keys for each user each time they log in:

HKCU\\Environment\\Temp (modify value to be the path to put the temp files) **

HKCU\\Environment\\Tmp   (modify value to be the path to put the temp files) ****


** This is where the "" (noted in the previous post) points to.  
    Example value : "%USERPROFILE%\\aAppData\\Local\\Temp"

**** This key MAY not be necessary, we needed it in our environment for particular software.