Why are generated files so huge?

We're finding that files of a few megs are ending up as hundreds of megs after conversion by pdf creator. Are there settings I need to adjust, or what should be causing these files to be so much larger.

try to use compressions in format settings

We'd like to use TIFF format, and the options for TIFF are pretty minimal. I dropped the color depth from 24bit to 12bit, and it did reduce the output from 230M to 160M, but considering the original was under 4M, this still seems ridiculusly large.  PDF output did have compression options enabled by default, and I didn't change those settings.

I have the same problem, especially with multipage tiffs.

multipage tiff, 600 dpi, 2 colors (Black/White) PackBits, 3 pages a lot of white space printed using pdfcreator = 540 KB

same document 600 dpi, all compression settings on auto, Color Model Device Grayscale, no security, no signing, printed using pdfcreator = 88KB

same document printed to paper and scanned from mfp at 600 dpi as a multipage tiff = 185 KB


Using pdfcreator at lower dpi (300) was very grainey document.

Why is the tiff so big?