Why, oh why?

I've been such a happy user of your wonderful PDF Creator for years.  I'm a poor, self-employed science presenter and can't afford much software - still trying to deal with what I had to spend for Office 2010, so your software has been a godsend!

Unhappily, I just removed PDF Architect from my system for the second time in the past two days.  I'll miss it certainly.  I will not miss, however, the services that it stuck into my computer: "helperservice.exe" and "converterservice.exe".  I couldn't figure out why my old, old xp/Dell just barely would work until I pulled up Task Mgr and found the two above-named services.

Also, I was disgusted to see a 'shopping app' that I had to opt out of while installing, and that there was no way to undo the bizarre changes perpetrated by PDF Architect.

Will you please notify me when you realize the changes are big-time mistakes and you revert to the great, old way of PDF Architect before it went insane?  Or, is there a way to download the old version.  Man, I wish I had said 'NO' when it asked me if I wanted to download the new version.  Wahhhhhhhhh.


sorry for the bug in the new Architect, we are fixing this and also improving the setup.
You can undo any changes made by PDFArchitect if you go to the programs section of your Windows control panel, select PDFArchitect and press change/remove (i guess you mean the office integration)
You can download any version you liked best from here: