Window 7 Underline issue

Hello all,

I am at a loss with an issue I am having. I have
installed 1.6.2 of PDF Creator on a windows 7 box. I have it set up with
the exact settings it had when it was on an XP box.

My issue is
this. When I create a PDF through PDF Creator everything works fine
UNLESS there is an underline in the document. When there is an
underline that is highlighted, it creates a large black box that overwrites the verbiage in
the document.

This process works perfect on the XP box. I have
two other Windows 7 boxes that this works perfect with 1.6.2 on it, so i
know it is not a version thing.

Any ideas on how to fix this? Again, the settings are exact on all 4 computers.

Thanks in Advance!


you could check if the version of your pscript5.dll is the same on all machines.