Windows 2003 server service help required

  I need help to get my service running on my windows 2003 print servers.  I found a few things, but it's not working.

  Here's what I've done :

  Copied the following files to C:\\Program Files\\PDFCreator :

  Registres.reg :
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
"ImagePath"=hex(2):43,00,[...](=C:\\Program Files\\PDFCreator\\srvany.exe)
"Description"="Service PDFCreator"
"Application"="C:\\\\Program Files\\\\PDFCreator\\\\PDFCreator.exe"

  _service_creer.cmd :
instsrv.exe PDFCreator "C:\\Program Files\\PDFCreator\\PDFCreator.exe"
regedit -s Registres.reg

  I start _service_creer.cmd, wich creates the service and change the imagepath to srvany, adds the description and the application path to PDFCreator.exe.

  The service is running under the domain administrator account, not the local account.

  If I try to create the pdf locally when the service is running (C:\\), it works, the pdf is created on the C:\\ of my print server.  If I try to create a pdf on another server, where our user folders are, nothing happens.

  Can someone help ?