Windows Fax and Scan Does Not Print a Copy to PDFCreator

 I installed PDFCreator-1_1_0 and use Windows 7 (64bit) Fax and Scan to receive faxes.

It can receive faxes as tif and it can print a copy to a regular laser printer but when I choose PDFCreator as the destination for Print a copy to under Fax settings, it does not do anything. I can manually print a pdf using PDFCreator which autosaves a file.

Any suggestion on how to fix this.

I have the same problem.

I'm not sure what you mean. You want to send a fax from PDFCreater, but not work. The driver for the printer can be called by a computer program, and sending a fax needs to be done through a fax software. One program cannot call another program's resources, but it can call computer hardware.If you are trying to send a PDF from the printer, there's a more direct way.