Windows Script Host always needed?


I noticed, that PDFCreator version 1.0 uses Windows Script Host constantly. What is the reason for that. In prior releases that service was only needed if you use the add-ons like pdfforge.dll for subscribing, cropping and so on. Due the fact that I deactivated the Scripting Host because of security lacks now everytime when I only want to print a document I get an error message. Nevertheless PDFCreator prints the document! Maybe it's a bug?

PDFCreator doesn't need the WSH. There are only some sample com scripts which use the WSH. Have you checked "Action after saving" that there is no script chosen?

Ok, I checked if the box "Action after saving" is set, but it wasn't. So I reinstalled PDFCreator completely. At the deinstallation of the previous version I decided to keep the settings. Seems that something went wrong at that process and the program ran into errors. Now after clean installation it's working as it is supposed to be. Thanks for reply...