Windows Test Page fails to print


We are currently trialling both the 1.7.3 and beta 1.9.5 versions of the PDFCreator software.

Both running on Microsoft Server 2008 R2

printing the PDFCreator Test page, this prints sucessfully and emails perfectly, but when we
try to print the Windows Test page or to the PDFCreator printer it fails. Logfile contains the below

2014-09-18 14:40:21.3642 [Error]
pdfforge.PDFCreator.JobRunner.ProcessJob: The job ‘Test Page’ terminated
at step SelectTarget and did not end successfully.

I have managed to get around this issue, by uninstalling and re-installing the software.

But I have now come across a new issue, when trying to print to the designated printer from another application it brings up an interactive services message, when viewing this it is a pop up box to save the PDF??? But I requested this to be done automatically, also when I look at the profiles my new one does not exist, just a default one.

What is happening, am I going mad?