Windows10 PDFcreator not working


Hi,. Tried 3 times to install latest version(PDFCreator-2_4_0-Setup.exe) same issue. Appears as having trouble with access rights

!)Installed NOT in C:\etc… but into D:\SoftwareDistribution\PDFCreator
2) Had 3 message from Antivirus not liking (I can understand) installation of some .dll under \system32\ , but I cleared the install.
3) all install under admin privileges.

Install sounds clear but impossible to launch " windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file etc…

I tired to upload setuplog.txt but accept only image format



please send the setuplog.txt to support(at) and we will gladly have a look at the situation.

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I seem to suffer from similar problem. Having Windows 10 and trying to use a newly installed PDFCreator..
At first being silent - nothing happens.
Having made the Temp catalogue accessible to System and to me/user, other messages appear.
For the moment Ghostscript error 29100 is the last "milestone".
I am really not sure how to proceed.
Please find enclosed setup.log.SetupLog.txt (158.8 KB)



sorry for the trouble,
The setuplog.txt doesn't indicate any problems.
It sounds like there might be an issue with your system configuration, as there is usually no need to manually modify any permissions here.
Please set the logging level to "trace" inside the debug tab of the PDFCreator application settings, print a Windows and a PDFCreator test page and send us the resulting log. We will then analyze the log and help you find a solution.

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Having enabled the trace, for some reason or by coincidence the output appeared nicely giving no Ghostscript or other errors. I did the test with similar PDF files, I think. Enclosing the trace.PDFCreatorLog.txt (70.4 KB)