Windows7 - PDFCreator 091

If there is a mis-conception out there that version 0.9.1 does not work with Win7/Off 2007 then you heard wrong.

Before installation (0.9.1) create a New Folder in the Root dir.

(example) C:\\tempp\\PDFCreator\\

after installation and before rebooting

Open PDFCreator 0.9.1 - select

printer - options - directories

Use the PDFCreator browse button and point to the folder you created above.

Click SAVE & Close PDFCreator then Reboot

After reboot go back and open PDFCreator 0.9.1 and select Test Print.

You will find the file in the Directory created above.

If you are working with Visual Basic 6 and above you would need to add some lines to your code in order to be able to automatically "port" to the Spooler.

I run a large set of Excel sheets with about 2k+ lines of vb code uninterupted under WinXp & Win 7 with 0.9.1

I have tried 0.9.9 and Win7 without continnuity as of the present day.