With 4.1.0, printing fails from programs which are started using another user account

Dear all,

for certain reasons which I can't explain here in depth, I have to start a certain application using another user account. That is, I login into Windows using my normal account and then start this application from a cmd32 window, executing a command like that:

runas /user:OtherAccount c:\path\to\application

The problem:

When I try to print to PDF Creator from within that application, the usual PDF Creator windows does not appear.

Some notes:

  • I have configured PDF creator as needed for my normal account as well as for the other account. That is, I logged into Windows using the other account and configured PDF Creator. Then I logged out and logged in again using my normal account and configured PDF Creator.

  • I have verified that PDF creator works flawlessly in my normal account and in the other account (by printing some test documents in each of the accounts).

  • Printing to PDF Creator from within that application worked flawlessly with previous versions, even when the application had been started using another account (by the method shown above). Until two days ago, I was happy; then I installed the update to 4.1.0, which broke things. I have made the bad mistake to not note down the version of PDF Creator I had installed before; I can only say that it probably was several months old (not more than a year).

  • Even though the PDF Creator window does not appear when I print to PDF Creator from within the application, when the application has been started using another account, PDF Creator actually runs the respective print jobs: When I start PDF Creator manually using that other user account (that is, when I right-click on the PDF Creator icon, select "Run as different user" and enter the other user's credentials), I can see the PDF documents which PDF Creator has generated before.

So how can I restore the old behavior, i.e. make the PDF Creator window show up immediately after having printed to PDF Creator from within an application which has been started using a different account?

Thank you very much in advance!