Wont print full contents from a website

I already asked once, but can't find the thread sorry.

- when I print this to pdf:


all I get is a print cut in half. Someone said it is because I have something set up wrong. Well, today I sat down with my PC win7 firefox 3.6.8 and I do not see anything I could adjust to make that print a full size complete print. I tried hard, but I just can't find a light in a tunnel - can someone help?

Why is this happening?

I see a full article in my browser - why would it be cut after half of the page?

What should I do to make it print the whole thing?

Well I print 


through PDFCreator 1.2.0, and I got the PDF like this one:



It's the full page of the WSJ's article and the comments.

The webpage is rendered by Firefox 4.0.