Word 2000 to pdf using 1.2.3 - very bad rendering of table lines

pdfcreator works great on just about everything I do.

But my version (1.2.3) and several years of versions before it really goof up a table with visible cell borders.

I have a Word 2000 document that is an order form - basically a table made up of thin and thick single and double lines, with alternating rows shaded gray and white.  It looks great in Word, but then in pdfcreator, the lines in the gray-shaded rows render wrong - the widths aren’t right, and even the darkness of the vertical lines varies from black to gray, even though they’re solid black in the word version.

As I said, going back at least four years, pdfcreator has had this problem.

Any suggestions of what to try to get it to render right?  Or a free alternative to pdfcreator for this special case?


are you running windows2k?
Otherwise i would recommend getting the latest version of PDFCreator (1.5.0)