Word to PDF - Convert Word Hyperlinks to clickable links in created pdf

I have PDF Creator 2.0. I have a Word Doc that has Hyperlinks. When I create the pdf document, the pdf shows a link (blue color and underlined), but the resulting link does not work.

Am I making a mistake in my settings or is this feature not supported in PDF Creator 2.0?


this feature is not directly supported by any version of PDFCreator, as the links don’t get sent to the printer. It is possible to use a combination of PDF-T-Maker and any PDFCreator version up to 1.7.3 to preserve Hyperlinks when printing from Word.

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Have an update on this now. If you export from word into a PDF/XPS document, it preserves the hyperlinks. You can then open and continue to edit the file in PDF Architect and the links are available.

Hope this helps.

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