Word with html links

Hi, I have created Word document with some hypertext links. In Word it works OK but in PDF it's not working (looks like link but no interaction at all). The same document in OpenOffice is generated OK. What is wrong?

Please make sure, to use PDF-Format instead of PDF/A-1b (you find this in Savedialog under Settings/Save/Standardformat for PDF)

I see the other PDF options only on "Autosave" so that is not cause by this...



Hi Folks,

I just downloaded the newer version today and noticed in the "What's New" discussion a topic that points to resolving your issue.

The third point listed at http://www.pdfforge.org/content/whats-new  acknowledges the issue and suggests PDF-T-Maker donationware.

At the moment, I don't need the hyperlink in Word, so I haven't downloaded PDF-T-Maker, but thought I'd point you to pdfforge.org's suggestion.

Have a great Friday!



I also have documents with embedded HTML links that are not preserved in the resulting PDF file. The text is blue and underlined (like a link) but the cursor does not change to a finger when doing a mouse-over, and no click is possible.

Does this work for other folks? What am I doing wrong?

I am facing same challenge. A hyperlink made in word were the text dos not specific say "www.webpage.com", will not be made as hyperlink via PDFCreator.

Otherwise GREAT GREAT software

I had an issue with a link where in Word the link itself was http://www.linkedin.com... but the "show text" to simplify the page was only "linkedin.com/..."  The link showed on PDF but did not work. Once I changed the display text to be the full link, PDFCreator picked up the link correctly and it worked. Apparently it doesn't look into the details of the Word link dialog box but only the characters on the page.

The options I'm referring to above in Word come up with you enter Control+K to bring up the hyperlink dialog box, or when you right click on a hyperlink and select Edit Hyperlink. A user can enter display text that differs from the actual link itself.

I don't know why the recent release notes say "no hyperlinks possible" or that you have to use an additional program to generate them with MS Word. That has never been the case with PDFCreator and is not the case with release 1.2.3.  pdfforge should change that ASAP or people will stop using this great product!