Works on Server, not on Workstations

Server 2003, Win XP workstations

I installed it on our Server and shared it as a printer.  I have the option to print to pdfcreator in the program we are using, but when I do, nothing happens on the workstation.  

Back on the server, all of the print jobs showed up that I was trying to send from the workstation, but nothing popped up on the workstation screen. 

I am trying to create a pdf and email it from the program that we use via terminal services called Agvance. 

Please help. 


did you install in server mode?
Do you have autosave enabled and if yes, where do the files get saved?
Do the printjobs show and get processed or are they on wait?



Yes, installed in server mode. Auto save is enabled and it saves to “all users shared documents” which each user can access. The print jobs don’t show on the workstations, only on the server. If not logged in as administrator on the server, the print jobs are held until login. Right now it’s working okay because the files save in the folder that each person can access and then they just email from there. It would be nice if the email option would work and automatically load the email program with file attached and ready to send.