Worse support I have see


We have paid by wire bank transfer a 1 year PDF Creator Server licence.
We never receive the licence for AEBP2-......-23HN7.

The support just never answer or sleep for many days.

What we must do to have an answer from the support ? Must we continue to use your product with a so BAD support ?!

Oh well, that is quite disappointing. Support should have answered. I Hope, you have recovered from that loss.

Dear @Steph57,
following your post, I looked into this case, and I must admit that I am quite baffled regarding your claims. According to our support system, you got an answer to your mail on March 7th within 24 hours.

We don't ask for an answer but for a solution to resolve the problem.

The invoice has been paid the 01/03/22 and you answer the 07/03/22. You call that 24 hours ?!

Your license has been extended in the moment you accepted the quote and received the invoice (on 21/02/2022), and it was still valid until 14/03/2022 (due to the temporary extension we provided).
You didn't get a new license key because you renewed your license. A Customer Service agent did explain this on 08/03/2022 at 10:56, answering your email from 07/03/2022 at 11:40.

I saw another conversation you had with the Customer Service Team in late February. That was when you got the quote for the license renewal and the free-of-charge 14-day license extension.
If you sent emails between 23/02/2022 and 07/03/2022, please let me know. I'll gladly ask the Customer Service Team to look into it.

A support agent freed-up an activation on your license and asked you to perform a new offline activation on 21/02 at 16:02h, following up on your email on 21/02 at 14:39h. That would have been the solution to resolve the problem.

I can understand that this situation must have been frustrating. However, this is not the Customer Service Team's fault. They're doing a great job, and they did always answer your emails, trying to solve the issue in a customer-oriented way.

You didn't activate the licence and I send you many screenshot of the problem.
Why I will call the support if the licence works ?!

You have block our service for one week. You are not professionnal.