Wrong Characters with unique fonts

We are using the most recent version of PDF Creator, although this has been an issue for as long as I can remember.

We use some atypical fonts in our documents. The PDFs appear fine, but when you copy the text that use those fonts, and then paste it into Notepad or Word or whatever, the text is complete garbage. It is not even close to what appears in the PDF.

For example, the words "PUBLIC SCHOOLS" look correct in the PDF, but copy/paste to "mr_if`=p`ellip" which obviously is just plain wrong. This does NOT happen for the more "universal" fonts like Arial.

We have tried numerous combinations of PDF/X, PDF/A outputs, we have adjusted our printer advanced options, eps the TrueType Font Download setting and the TrueType Font settings, nothing is getting us correct results. The advanced options settings we have now give us the best appearance of the text, but nothing will allow us to copy/paste it properly.

I am guessing this has something to do with the fonts embedding or not embedding, but there is no option to tweak that, at least I cannot find it.

Would love to have this fixed or be told a fix. Thanks.


could you send a PDF containing those characters to support@pdfforge.org?
I can also remember this issue and that it couldn’t be resolved easily, but perhaps it helps to take a new look at it. Did you install the PDF Architect together with PDFCreator and register for the free create module? If yes, please try converting the original document to PDF with the PDF Architect as this could give totally different/better results.

best regards,