Wrong Font: PDF ARchitect 8 uses the wrong fonts

PDF Architect 8
I use Times New Roman fonts
As I also write book on Indian Music I have a 'Times New Roman Diac' present in my fonts on my PC, that is a transliteration to Indian notation.
However I do not wish it all the time. Unfortunately PDF Architect has chosen to use this 'Times New Roman Diac' font in all the headings of whatever PDF documents I create from Word.
The original MS WOrd docx does not use this font it in the headings.
I am unable to save the MS Word docx in PDF without this DIAC font.
I tried to delete it from Architect without success.
In EDIT mode PDF Architect allows you to change the font only for the text you select. But it doesn't do it for the whole document and only bits by bits. You have to select each Heading manually which is time consuming and unlogical.
I really do not understand well the handling of the fonts in PDF Architect and the manual doesn't help much.
Thanks for the help.