Yahoo! FireFox Location Bar Search Engine


I've uninstalled the pdfforge FireFox add-on as it appaprently has modified FireFox Location Bar Search Engine to Yahoo!. Although the add-on is not installed now the Location Bar Search Engine is still set to Yahoo!. How can I cange that?

Advise at the following website didn't help:

This 'forced' Yahoo!-search engine installation is quite annoying. I recommend that it is removed altogether and at least when the pdfforge add-on is uninstalled.

I'm having the same problem. Very annoying. If someone knows how to fix this please post.

OK I found the solution. You have to disable the extension ''Search Settings Plugin 1.2.3" in Firefox, which I suppose is added by PDFCreator. IE also has some plugin that should be removed. Here's the article:

I read the article you posted but do not have the extension the author is talking about.  I believe the search engine was set by downloading the Yahoo Toolbar, as would seem appropriate.  I did find a simple fix in the Firefox online help -   Follow the steps for "Changing the keyword service".  Worked like a charm for me and I didn't need to restart Firefox afterward.  I do recommend do the change in a new window of Firefox.