Button email don't save the pdf


If I select email button, PDFCreator don’t save the file. The previous releases did this. Has something changed?



this was changed a while ago, but you can still get the old behavior back by activating the “open email client” action in the PDFCreator profile settings, which will automatically open the created document as attachment in your email client after saving the document. If you don’t want to send every document you created, you can create an additional printer + profile for this.

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Hi Robin
too laborious, the previous solution was convenient.


the last release is also inconvenient to save the document, you must first define the name of the file, being careful not to use the points otherwise truncate the file name and then repeat it in the document name.


Thank you for the feedback,

The old behavior was changed because users requested this regularly; a lot of users just want to send the file per mail without saving it anywhere else. Perhaps this can be made optional in future releases, you are also not the first person who likes the old behavior better. We will look into the issue with the truncation.