Can not select text in PDF



I cannot select text in PDF Creator on some files.Strange thing is that this only occurs on file which I have scanned as PDF. There’s no password on the file or something. I tried different modes like View, Edit, Insert, just nothing.

Is there a workaround on this? Or any idea what might be causing the problem?

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Hi Maarten,

the text is only selectable if the printing application send real text to the virtual PDFCreator printer. In your case I assume the scanner creates a PDF which contains a single image object of the text. The scanner might have an option to enable OCR (optical character recognition) which basically extracts text from images. If the scanner doesn’t support this natively, you could use a software solution like our PDF Architect’s OCR module:

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I have the same problem using PDF creator in Chrom browser.
Text is not selectable. It is not image.
Printing by PDFcreator from other programmes works good, text is selectable.
I can not upload pdf sample here.



yes Chrome renders texts as vector graphics, the only solution to this is printing from a different browser, or perhaps there is a hidden setting in Chrome for this.

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Chrome has embeded “Save as PDF” option.
You can choose it in menu “Print” and set printer(Save as PDF).
Checked in 62 version.
So text in PDF file is selectable.