Cannot CROP PDF pages


I’ve just purchased PDF architect 6 including the editor.
I thought that the editor would enable me to be able to
CROP the horizontal or vertical areas of a document.

For example, sometimes when you save a PowerPoint
file to PDF, it leaves a white space at the top and bottom
of the PDF. I want to be able to crop the top and bottom of
the PDF. Alas, it doesn’t look like I can.

Can anyone give me assistance as to how I can crop
the entire PDF document in Architect 6.

Paul, Australia



I am afraid the only way to crop the entire doument with PDF Architect is by setting the page size, e.g. if you have a slighty larger than letter sized document, you can crop it to letter, or you can adjust the margins, but it isn’t possible to manually crop out parts of the document.
If this makes the PDF Architect unusable for you, please contact our reseller upclick through and ask for a refund, all PDF Architect sales are covered by a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

Best regards