Command line interface /optionfiles.../nostart


Hi all
I’m novice in using PDFcreator 1.0.2 and I’d like to convert .doc files into .ps with different settings the default printer has.
So I installed a PDFprinter by running /printername=Myownprinter.
This printer has been succesfully installed with the default profile.
Afterwards I created a .bat to put a .doc files into the Queue. I did and ran first :
“C:\Program Files (x86)\PDFCreator\PDFCreator.exe” /OptionsFile"C:\Moritz\TestPCNE\MyPCNE.ini" /PF"C:\Moritz\TestPCNE\1160-02.doc"

It seems to be alright, the .doc has been converted through the attached inifile.
But as the help says with the /PF option the PDFcreator.exe remains running.
To close it You have to put /nostart into the command line.
(I do no understand why this option is not called /autoclose…but it’s not the subject here) but with /nostart like :
“C:\Program Files (x86)\PDFCreator\PDFCreator.exe” /nostart /OptionsFile"C:\Moritz\TestPCNE\MyPCNE.ini" /PF"C:\Moritz\TestPCNE\1160-02.doc"

It did not work as I thought…
It does not load the /optionfiles setting.
So my .doc file is converted using the default profile then asked me for the output name.

What I did wrong ?
How could I convert a file from the command line and without using the default profile ?
(I’d like use several different settings depending on different use)
Is there a hidden setting which allows to convert with a specific Profile or printername
or Do I have to implement myself something using the COM objects ?
Thanks in advance for any advices.


Nobody can help us with this problem?


Someone solved this problem already?


This problem ist actuelly for version 1.6.2 too!
Someone solved this problem already?



Since version 0.9.9 the old ini mode is not supported anymore.




Nice answer… So instead of offering another way, you just say “not supported”… LOL


The alternative solution was described in the link, which now, 5 years later, has become outdated.
This should’t be an issue in any of the latest version.

Best regards