Convert Excel docu to PDF fails



when trying to convert a Excel Office 2016 file to a printerfile with PDFCreator, Excel opens partial.
I get the Excel heading but the rest does not show. So is grey.

Any help would be fine



Forgot to mention, i am the owner of the file (full control)





you might need to open the file in Excel and print it to the PDFCreator printer manually, the other methods aren't as stable a s they depend on the application correctly registering a "print" or "print to" command (and it seems Excel has registered some broken command on your system).

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Well robin, i uninstalled and reinstalled the program a few times already, but nothing changes.

Cleaned up the Register as well, no luck.



does it also not work, if you open the document in Excel and print it to the PDFCreator printer?

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hey Robin,

no, it works to print to the PDFCreator printer.

Still it is not the same.

Did get a PDF file to "take over ownership as admin", but cannot copy this to a notepad.

Can i get this in word or excel?

If i have to type this is easy to make mistakes