Converting from PDF to JPG using HotFolder, jpg files have a major issue


I am using HotFolder to convert from a PDF to JPG. Plz see the attached documents
and you can see the border from the PDF and whn I convert to the jpg, the border has increased
significantly. The printer is postscipt custom, set at 6.00 & 12.30. It works just fine with
the other pdf files I send through, now I am sending a new batch and they are all messed up.
Can someone plz help? We have a customer needing these new jpg files immediately! I cannot
upload the pdf file for you to see it. Yet, this border is way too wide!
Thanx in advance.


HotFolder converting files with Adobe Acrobat

When I use HotFolder, it is converting the files with Adobe. Again, I am now having border issues with this conversion. The left & right can be correct for some and then is off big time for others. This first file, the left & right are correct, but the top border is messed up. The file is *.STR.

Now look at this 2nd file, it goes through the same process with HotFolder and look at it's left & right border. If I could send the pdf files, this would be great. I HAVE to have this resolved by Tuesday 10/2/18 for the client. They are hitting the ceiling about all these issues with the pdf's coming across correct, but using your product, the jpg's are being created so vastly different and not correct.



Please do not create two topics for the same question / issue.
If you wish to send us the pdf file, use the contact form in our knowledge base:


Hi Jerry,

I am slightly confused, did you sort out the issue for PDF input but now have an issue with *.STR input (or still issues with both)?
In general, the HotFolder will look up the default application for printing the input file type and print the files to the virtual PDFCreator printer using the registered command, which usually means the files get printed through a third party application, which might use additional settings for printing and therefore can have an impact on the output. A possible work around for individual files is to open them and manually print them to the PDFCreator printer (+ potentially adjusting the print settings inside of the application you are printing from).

Best regards



The *STR files come out okay. I am using the same application to print the files, so why

should they be different. The *STR files do not have this wide border, but the *WHYL files

do. This is not making sense to me. I wish we could do a screen share so that you could

see what is going on with this process instead of just sending messages back and forth.


Do you get the same incorrect borders if you manually open the problematic file(s) and print it/them to the PDFCreator printer? PDFCreator & HotFolder themselves don't modify or add any margins, so I am afraid we won't be able to help through a screen sharing session, but I will keep an eye on this thread and try to reply as quickly as possible.


I am actively looking into this and can reproduce the issue here even when printing directly from Adobe Reader DC to the PDFCreator printer. Adobe Reader DC seems to ignore the page size set inside the virtual printer (I also found a solution, see bold text below).
When I open the document you sent (in Adobe Reader DC) and go to print + then click on the "setup page" button on the bottom left of the print dialog, it is set to A4. If I create a custom page size (through Windows Print Management) + set this in Adobe and then print to the PDFCreator printer, it looks like the margins then come out correctly. If you drag & drop any PDF onto the main PDFCreator window (run the PDFCreator.exe to get this) it will directly convert them without printing and will use the same size as the original document regardless of settings.



Yes, it is working with PDFCreator.exe. It is still not working with HotFolder. Also, when did a live test last week and it took approx. 5 hours to process about 200 pdf files. This is way too long, since the number of files is just going to increase. As for now, I am going to try to just use PDFCreator to convert the files from PDF to JPG, since that is much much faster. Yet, I do like having HotFolder there to know when files are in a folder and then start processing them. Much slower, but less human intervention.
Also, with PDFCreator, I have the printer defined to move the files after converting, but this is not working at the current time. Who knows, but for now I am going to get the client what they need, as I continue to work through the issues and challenges I am having.


Since this is going through Adobe, plz help me to set the defaults. When I used PDFCreator.exe, they were no satisfied. They want the default width to be set to 610 Wide. The height should be set to Aspect ratio constant calculate each time. They are saying as long as I can set the width to 610, then the height should calculate and each letter should convert/print properly.


Again, I have been working on this more and once I set my printer that is defined with the setting from before as the default printer, then it looks like they print okay. Yet, when I check the properties of the files and it is set as 3600 X 6000, they hit the ceiling that this is wrong. They keep saying the width MUST be 610 and they height have to be set as Aspect Ratio to allow the program to determine the height. Can you let me know how to get these settings there. I created a Custom Postscript printer definition of 6.00 X 12.30 and this is not acceptable to them. Can you plz advise? Thanx in advance.


If this cannot be done going through HotFolder, how/where can it be set using PDFCreator to ensure that whatever the dimensions are for the PDF file, that I can have it convert to 610 Wide and have the height set to Aspect Ratio. I just got called again and ripped about this stuff. I need to get this resolved! Thanx in advance.



we will update HotFolder to directly convert the PDFs instead of printing, but automatically scaling the output to maintain proper aspect ratio while using a fixed width of 610 will not be possible, the files will then always get converted 1:1. PDFCreator or HotFolder aren't and will not be able to meet the requirement of handling the scaling (automatically calculating the height).
The reason why it is so much currently so much faster to use the PDFCreator.exe directly is it doesn't require any spooling / printing, which takes most of the time when using the HotFolder.
After the update there shouldn't be any difference in speed between HotFolder and PDFCreator when converting PDF files to other formats.
We are aiming to release at the beginning of next week, if tests don't find any additional issues.

Best regards




Based on what we are doing, here is a pix of what the settings need to be for converting a PDF to a JPG. The 2 main settings are the Pixel Dimensions width (610) and the 'Constrain Proportions'. We need to set the width as needed, now 590 instead of 610 and the select the 'Constrain Proportions', which will then set to length to whatever the length of the document is.
How can I do this with HotFolder and then PDFCreator if HotFolder takes to long to process. The customer is very adamant about having these settings as follows when the jpg are created. Plz, plz let me know and thanx in advance.



I am afraid it isn't possible to set this inside HotFolder or PDFCreator.
It might be possible with HotFodler if it is possible to set this permanently inside the application it is using to print the files to the PDFCreator printer (with PDFCreator 3.2.2 or earlier, in later versions PDFs placed inside the HotFolder will get converted directly).
Another option might be to use third party software to scale the images accordingly after they have been converted from PDF. You can automatically have PDFCreator call any third party executable or script after every conversion and this should still be faster than printing if you find a lightweight tool to handle the scaling.
(I recommend looking into ImageMagick for this:

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Previously you had stated that HotFolder was going to be updated to work just like PDFCreator where it just copies the file to the new name. Has this been put in place? We are now converting over 200 PDF files and I have to keep running PDFCreator to do this. I would like this to be done in a Batch mode, where I can use HotFolder to do this and I do not have to be starting up PDF Creator, selecting the files and the dropping them.
Also, I hate that PDF Creator prompts me if I want to convert all these files. I did a drag and drop, so it should just do it! The other piece is that I need to have HotFolder do this, so I can be running things in a batch mode. Plz let me know if this is in place.
When I converted to version 3.3, I still had an issue with the filenames being too long. So I just went back to 3.2 for PDF Creator. I do not have time to keep testing these items for new releases, since we are now in production mode and I need to get this moving with HotFolder.
Thanx in advance and I look forward to hearing back.



Hi Jerry,

the 3.3.2 release does address the issue with the filenames by creating shorter temp paths, but you can still run into issues if your filenames are very long, as the basic restriction is still in place. I tested with some of your filenames which had previously failed and they all worked, but it can depend on the length of your temp path. HotFolder directly converts the PDFs in 3.3.2.

You generally shouldn't receive any prompt when dropping the PDFs onto the PDFCreator window if your settings are configured accordingly (autosave enabled in profile settings, in application settings turn "let PDFCreator temporarily set the default printer from "Ask" to "yes") what does it say?

Best regards