<DateTime: > previous month and automatically naming files


I am using PDFCreator 3.0.2. I have to questions:

  1. Is there any way to make <DateTime: MM> token return value set to previous month? E.g. it’s November and I want to have my file named XXX/YYY/10 but PDFCreator can only give me XXX/YYY/11 and I have to manually change 11 to 10.
  2. This one is much more tricky. I have pdf files that can’t be named properly by the program that is generating them. I am using specific profile of PDFCreator to automatically name them, save them in a specific folder and create e-mail with pdf file as an attachment. I can’t use auto save because the file name has two constants and one variable and I have to manually change the variable. The name that I use is XXX/YYY/ZZZ. X and Z being constants and Y variable. The variable can be found in each pdf, always in the same place. Is there ay sort of script that can be added to PDFCreator so it can return Y value correctly by extracting it from the pdf file?
    I hope I’ve wrote it clearly enough :slight_smile:



I am afraid 1 is not directly possible, but in general you can tell PDFCrator to execute any script automatically after each print job, so you would “just” need to write/find a script which can handle this. More or less the same applies for the second question. If you have control over the program generating the PDF, you could try extracting the value with help of a PDFCreator User token .

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