Disable settings prompt every time I print


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Quite simply, it’s annoying that every single time I print a document via PDFCreator, the settings prompt comes up with options for Application Settings as well as Profile Settings. Ironically, I have been unable to find any option to disable this popup anywhere within either settings menus.

This is the popup I’m referring to.

I have tried setting up Auto-Save, and also selecting the “Skip print dialog (directly proceed to the save dialog)” option in Profile Settings, but neither option eliminated the popup when I print.

It hasn’t rendered the program unusable by any stretch, but it is getting INCREDIBLY obnoxious to have to look out for and close this extra popup window EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I mean, come on, who likes popups?

Thanks in advance for any help on this!



this happens when there was a problem with the latest update and the pdfcmon.dll didn’t get replaced properly because it was still in use. In most cases, uninstalling PDFCreator, rebooting the machine and installing the latest version again afterwards will solve the problem. If not, we can provide help on how to delete the old version of the pdfcmon.dll manually which should solve the problem in any case.

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That did the trick! Thanks so much!!!

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thanks for the way to this solution.

  1. Stop my spooler with this command net stop Spooler
  2. replace in C:\windows\System32 with the correct version of pdfcmon.dll
  3. Start my spooler with this command net start Spooler