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Hi Folks, Maybe you can help me. I’m new here and my IT guy doesn’t know the answer to this. This is what the help files say about e-mailing a pdf.

E-mail a PDF
E-mailing a PDF is just like creating a PDF in PDFCreator.

Choose a method from the chapter Create a PDF.

Instead of clicking the Save button in the PDFCreator window, you click on the E-Mail button.

Select the location where you would like to save the PDF. This location is necessary in order to attach the PDF to the email.

This is also the location where you can specify which format you would like to save the document in. You can save in PDF, PNG, JPEG or TIFF format.

Your PDF will be created and automatically attached to a new e-mail in your default e-mail program, which will be opened.

Well, my version of pdf creator doesn’t do this. When I click the E-Mail button, creator places an unnamed document directly onto an outlook e-mail message. It doesn’t take me through the save procedure first. How can I set-up to make creator do what the help files say it does?

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thanks for pointing this out, sorry about the outdated information in the manual.
If you’d like to permanently save the file to your disk before sending it by email, you can enable the “open email client” action and then use the “save” button on the print dialog to save the file to a location of your choice (or enable automatic saving, if you don’t need to specify the filename and location individually). The email client will then open after the file has been saved, with the created file automatically attached.

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Awesome. Nice and simple. Although I gather it continues to send all pdf’s to e-mail until the “open e-mail client” is disabled. But that’s okay with me. Thanks Robin. You’ve been a great help.

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Hi Chuck,

yes you are correct it will keep on doing it until the setting is changed again. You can however create an (or multiple) PDFCreator printers / profiles, so you could have a “PDFCreator Mail” printer which uses a profile where the setting is enabled and a “regular” PDCreator printer with the option disabled.

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Thanks again Robin. This is great news. I’ll set this up right away. U-ROCK! :slight_smile:


good afternoon
Can you explain how to do this because I´m having the same problem after installing version 3.3.0 cant save to file before sending to email
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Rui Nelson