Header and Footer Multiple lines


Hello to all,
Simple question on usage. Is it possible to have more then one line of text in a header/footer with PDF Architect 5?

64 bits.

Thanks dans have a nice day.

Stéphane “Steve” Hallé



I am afraid this isn’t directly possible.
It might be possible to work around this limitation by using an image instead (e.g. create some multi-line text and convert it to an image, then use the image as header/footer).

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Thanks for your response.

I’d like to know if you’re considering adding this option in a future release of the software?

Thanls and have a nice day.

Stéphane “Steve” Hallé


Dear Stéphane,

there are currently no plans for this, but in general we always pass improvement suggestions to the rest of the team, who will then decide if/when/how something gets implemented. So it might make it into future PDF Architect releases, but I can’t promise anything. It also depends on how many users request the feature and many other factors. But we have noted it and I like the idea:)

Best regards