How can I share 1 printer/profile with all users (new and existing)? (PDFCreator 2.5.3)


I need a single, all-user Printer+Profile combination with the exact same settings for all users, new and existing.

I need to create a Printer+Profile COMBINATION with very specific settings that will be available to all users (new AND existing) on a machine.

As an admin, I need full control of the settings on this printer/profile combination.
The printer/profile settings must be the same for all users of this device.
It needs to be available to all users.

Windows 7
PDFCreator 2.5.3

Can I accomplish this with PDFCreator?

Thank you for your help and this product!



in general this is possible but depends on how exactly existing users are defined.
Existing PDFCreator users who already have their own settings will keep their own settings, exisiting users who never launched PDFCreator yes will get the defaults you configure.
You can pre-define default settings for PDFCreator in the registry as described here:
These will be applied to every user who launches PDFCreator for the first time.

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Thanks, Robin…. Sounds like I’ll need to uninstall PDFCreator on all my machines and reinstall, setting defaults first… We have offices that rotate staff and so have multiple logins already created.

Just curious, does the installer that comes with Business let me predefine printer/profile combinations to be automatically installed?



not directly, the only edition with optional predefined settings is PDFCreator Custom:
Or you could use PDFCreator Server, if no user interaction is required at all; this only has centralized settings and runs in the background as service.
There are also some additional methods to migrate settings with PDFCreator, for example by exporting/importing them in the “debug” section of the PDFCreator application settings.
All settings will only store the association between printers and profiles, since it is impossible to create the actual printer with only registry settings.

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