Huge Problem with Batch-OCR


im using PDFArchitect 4 to OCR PDF Files and save them.
On my other Machine im using this Command with PDFArchitect 4:

C:\xxx\architect.exe --pdf-tools --recognize --source-dir "Source" --use-ocr --destination-dir "destination"

On the Maschine with PDFArchitect 4 it works perfect
But now im have an PDFArchitect 5 on the other Machine and it keeps on failing with this error:

could anyone pls help me ? :frowning:
i tried to reinstall several times but, same error again…
pls help


Hi Maxk,

I am afraid the command line tools are undocumented because they aren’t 100% tested, so I might not be able to help solve this in PDF Architect 5. Does the OCR work if you use it from inside the PDF Architect 5 desktop application?
If it helps, I am sure we can excahnge your PDF Architect 5 for a PDF Architect 4 license.

Best regards,