I Cant Activate my PDF PRO + OCR


Hello, pdfarchitect team, i have not been able to work with my pdf editor for two days, the program started without the activation keys and when I entered them again, I launched this message.

Sorry, we were unable to activate PDF Architect 5. Try to do the following:

Of course I have an internet connection and the activation key is the correct one.

I have sent an email to support and I have not received an answer, this is your ticket.

Your Request Has Been Received - Case # 470551

Date of purchase:9/21/2017 7:15:15 AM

PDF Architect 5 - Professional Package
PDF Architect 5 - OCR Module
Package x 10 of PDF Architect E-Sign

I have uninstalled the program, reinstalled it and still have the same problem.
I use Windows 10 PRO x64
I need your help urgently to be able to continue working.

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sorry for the trouble, did you already check your firewall settings to ensure nothing might be blocking the PDF Architect from contacting the activation server?
If you can’t find any connection issues, please contact our phone support and ask for an offline activation, which should be the fastest solution:

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Hello Robin, thanks for your Reply

I have uninstalled my firewall (avast and windows), I have uninstalled the PDF Architec software, I have deleted all the keys and folders of the software in the windows registry, I have downloaded the executable again, I have reinstalled and I am still the same, I can not Activate my product and I can not edit pdfs.

I need some phone number to be able to call from Spain or some support mail so that architec team can enter remotely if necessary



I am afraid there aren’t any other support phone lines than the ones listed on the contact page linked above and the PDF Architect team will answer the mail you sent originally as soon as they can. I will try to help for now.
Is there a “license#xx” entry in your registry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\PDF Architect 5\Settings?
I have sent you a test key per pm to check if the issue might be related to your current license key, please try if this works. If it does, please send me your license key per pm and I will replace it with a new one.

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according to the system, there was a charge back for the order which automatically deactivates the keys.
If you didn’t do this intentionally (which I assume), please check with your bank/CC company why they performed a charge back for the purchase.

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I have spoken with our accounting department, since it was a charge made from UPCLK . COM from Malta, they thought it was an economic scam and they rejected the payment, they talk to the bank to accept the payment.

Thank you very much for the support robin, if it does not become for you I go crazy.

Best Regards