License Renewal


Hi - I am running PDF Creator 1.1.1 and am finding that I have to manually renew the license each week by using the appropriate button in the settings dialog. The service shuts down unless I remember to re-activate. Is there a way to automate this?



Hi Rob,

assuming you have the PDFCreator Server edition, this should work automatically as long as the user account running the PDFCreator Server service (the user configured to run the service in Winodws services) can contact our license server It will then automatically refresh the activation in the background.

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Thanks. We use a proxy server and the account may not have had the proxy system settings in place. Have added these and will wait to see what happens!


Hi - as an update: I have confirmed that the account used has the correct proxy settings in place and has general internet access. However the license for the PDFCreator Server edition is still not auto renewing. The service runs with the same account that I am authenticated into the server. I can renew the license manually fine but it fails to do it automatically. Any other things I can do to automate this? Perhaps a command line that I can automate through a scheduled task?



it seems that in some cases the service doesn’t load the proxy settings from the users profile when running in an unattended manner. I am not sure if there is any workaround for this, other than completely whitelisting our license server in the proxy server. If this isn’t possible, please contact support(at) with a link to this thread and we will send you a special setup which allows an offline activation, which will be valid for the entire license period.

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