Link Editing Flexibility



Just wanted to ask if it was possible to create two interactive links in inside a PDF document that I want to create for my CV document that I have converted from a Illustrator file into a PDF document. One link that, when clicked, opens up a new chat window from their designated email client, ready for them to type me an email and send. The other to take them to my portfolio website when clicked on, but on both links I want a thin red line to only appear on hover under each link, by that I don't mean a red box to appear all the way around it, I mean just a single 1-2px line to appear along the bottom of each link?

Is that possible to create inside your PDF editor?




it should be possible with some additional JavaScript, but by default the link indicator is always shown, not only when you hover over it. There is no built in option inside the UI to create the links exactly as you describe.

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Hi Robin,

Ah ok that is a shame to hear. but I wanted to ask that upfront before wasting my own time in the product only to find out it could not be done. Thanks for letting me know that, as you can imagine, it's not something you can easily google! ha.