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I manage a Windows Server 2012 R2 with PDF Architect 4.1.05 service installed. From time to time, the number of handles used by PDF Architect grow up to 700K. All these handles fill up server's virtual memory, so I have to reboot the server because nothing works.

I don't know the cause why PDF Architect uses so many handles. Maybe it's a programing error (i have asked the developpers) or maybe it's a PDF Architect bug o a misconfiguration.

Do you know how can I prevent this problem?

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I can confirm that there is a handle leak in PDF Architect Manager service. From time to time, this service consume lots of handles (up to 700000) untill the server's virtual memory reach its limit. I have inspected the process with Process Explorer and I have seen that most of handles are of type "section".

Process CPU Private Bytes Working Set PID Description Company Name Handles
Architect Manager.exe 1.65 12,804 K 20,028 K 2220 Manager service © pdfforge GmbH. 393,039

Process: Architect Manager.exe Pid: 2220
Type Name
Section \BaseNamedObjects\windows_shell_global_counters
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Kindly try deactivating the PDF Architect Manager service and see if everything is working fine.

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Thank you for your answer. I don't know what PDF Architect Manager service does. I thought that this service was required to create PDFs. I think that the application only uses pdftk to concatenate several PDFs. Does pdftk need the PDF Architect manager service or it can work standalone?

Now I'm running a scheduled a task that restart the PDF Architect Manager every 6 hours and it seems everything is working right.

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as far as I'm informed the "manager service" is not necessarily needed for conversion in PDF Architect 4.
I'm not quite sure if PDF Architect uses pdftk, to be honest.
You might want to ask my colleagues at the PDF Architect Support team for further technical details: https://support.pdfarchitect.org/customer/portal/emails/new

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