PDF Creator dialog does not show up when printing to pdf anymore


This does not pop up anymore when i print to PDF. it puts in a queue for normal paper printing. (see second image) I have unistalled and reinstalled, this all started happening as soon as i upgraded to v3.3.0. i can print test pages from the debug tab. the Print PDFCreator Test page pops up the first dialog box but if i do Print for WIndows or any other program on my computer it goes to the Queue as seen in the second image.



Hi @Rapid3D

Could you try to reload the default settings in the debug tab and see if that changes anything? (Make sure to backup your settings before.)


Having the same issue. Would love some insights.



potential causes for this issue can be either an outdated pdfcmon.dll (in some rare cases this can't be replaced during a PDFCreator update) or insufficient permissions for the %temp% folder inside your user profile (system needs at least write access, user account needs at least read access).
The PDFCreator test page doesn't actually get printed/spooled, it sends a prepared Postscript file to Ghostscipt in order to convert it with your current profile settings.

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I have tried the default settings restore with no avail. i have also seen another post about permissions and attempted that but i must have done it wrong as it didn't work. I need better instructions on how to do the permissions. i have windows 10.



here is a link to a detailed guide on how to take ownership over files/folder in win10 and set full access for your account:

In addition to your user account, please ensure the SYSTEM account also has full access to your %temp%

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