PDF Creator does not copy all files as requested



While using a drag & drop to PDF Creator, all files do not get moved as requested. I have attached the log file and see that it is a naming issue. The ONLY thing we ave control over is the filename we are using. The rest of what I have viewed in the log file, is not something we have control over, therefore for this to error out and not convert if we do not have control over is to good to me.
Plz review and you will see the pdf files for 3*, 5* and 6* are not converted to JPG files. I do not even come close to having these files names are 256 characters, based on the message in the log file. I am getting beat up big time from the client over these issues with your product. I cannot use HotFolder at the current time, due to it being way to slow for the type of volume work we are doing! Now when I fall back to PDF Creator, not I have filename issues. Man, this is tough to get beat over, when this should not even be happening.
How do I get past this issue with the filenames? Understand, the customer wants it this was and this needs to be resolved somehow. Plz help again.\ PDFCreator_log.txt (51.9 KB)


Hi Jerry,

we are looking into it. The issue seems to be the fully qualified file name of the temporary file, as this gets placed into a subfolder inside temp which has the same name as the original file. At least in the first logged case, I still don't understand why this is causing an error, as it should be just below the 260 char maximum (258 chars).
We will keep you updated.

Best regards