PDF Creator freezing Outlook


I have a problem when i create an email using pdf creator and have it attached to an email, as my outlook window is then frozen and the only way i can unfreeze the window is to close the newly created draft with the document that i want to drag into outlook.

Any help would be appreciated



sorry for the trouble.
Please provide some additional information and we will try to help.

Do you have the latest PDFCreator version 3.2.2?
Which version of Outlook do you have?
Does this happen when you click on "send as email" inside the PDFCreator print job window?
Does this happen regardless of Outlook already being open in the background?

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Hi Robin,

Yes, i do have the latest version of PDFCreator and Outlook version 1807 (Build 10325.20082).

I have set the default option as send as email and so when i click print it opens up a new email, however without my assigned signature in it. And yes, this happens all the time.



sorry for the trouble. While I am not sure why this is happening and can't reproduce it here, there is a work around which might solve the issue. Instead of activating the "open email client" action, use the "run script" (from the advanced tab) and point it to your Outlook.exe. As additional parameter try -a, this has been "attach" in all Outlook versions so far.

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