PDF Creator not opening when printing anymore


Dear Forum Users,
A customer of ours recently encountered a problem with PDF Creator where she couldn't print anymore. Manually opening it works. We deleted the pdf creator registry and registered the customer anew to no success.
We try to avoid reinstalling the program because we fear the error could then occur with other users. At the moment only 1 of them has this problem.
Any tips or information on the topic would be very helpful. Thaks in advance and have a nice day!

I added the latest tracelog file below:
tmp55B1.tmp.txt (50.2 KB)


Hi @philipp.z
Which PDFCreator version is currently installed on the PC?
We've had an issue with the Title Replacement for documents with capitalized datatype endings (for example document.PDF could throw an error.). This does look a little familiar.


Thanks for the reply!
Unfortunately it doesn't seem like this is the case. Also I failed to inform you that the program is installed on a terminal server (2012R2) and is an older version (2.1.2). The other users have no problems at all, only 1 is affected. I hope this helps a little bit.



I am afraid version 2.1.2 is no longer supported.
If only 1 user is affected, it sounds like it could be an issue with the permissions of the customers temp folder.

Best regards



I was afraid I would get this answer. Thanks for the help anyways! I will check the temp folder permissions and try to convince the customer to get the latest version.

Thank you very much!